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Shellanoo Group is a technology company specializing in interactive mobile applications and Internet related services.

Shellanoo Group builds, operates and manages a diversified IT portfolio to ensure higher returns to its investors. All products and services are wholly owned by the group.

We offer the range of a diversified portfolio with the simplicity of investing in a single company. An innovative solution to investing in technology, Shellanoo Group has built a business that defies convention.

Founded in late 2014 in Israel, Shellanoo Group has grown into one of Israel’s more appealing technology firms, combining both business expertise and technological strength.


Create playlists and send music to one another.

The world’s easiest to use music radio app. Select radio music by mood or genre.

An anonymous messaging app.

Simple music radio app made exclusively for China.

An online eCommerce brand of dietary and anti-aging capsules formulated with Ginseng. All products are certified by the FDA and the EU for safe use.

A search engine for all men's fashion related items sold online. All brands and all stores.

Search engine for all fashion related items sold online.

An artificial intelligence that helps a child with learning and companionship. A tablet and smartphone application, for all ages.

A children's clothes search engine. Find any item of clothing online, all brands, all stores in one place.

Don’t be shy to troll. Follow anyone, anything, anywho in one place.

An artificial intelligence to help understand the Bible.

A friendly financial calculator for those who flunked economics class.

Mobile attribution platform.

Ad blocker software and cookie protection.

Slot machine arena, play for fun and play for cash prizes.

Data driven, data science focused solutions designed for performance marketing in the mobile advertising industry.

A local search and discovery game which provides real search results for its users.

An eCommerce-driven sock company that designs and sells socks via monthly subscription.

Finding jobs near you.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Management Software.

Buy and sell used goods.

A shot to meet someone hot. Surprise video chat.

Your friendly speaking Italian Chef is here to help you prepare any dish.

An artificial intelligence to help understand the Quran.


Renowned businessman, investor and politician. Main owner of private investment company Millhouse LLC and owner of Chelsea Football Club.

Roman Abramovich

Acclaimed Internet entrepreneur, computer programmer and investor. A strong influence in a number of innovative start-ups over the last two decades.

O.D. Kobo

Manager of Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, T.I. Former manager of Kanye West and Drake. Former Chairman of Geffen Records.

Gee Roberson

World-renowned DJ, record producer and remixer. Sold over 9 million albums and 30 million singles worldwide.

David Guetta

Distinguished DJ and record producer. Preformed to audience of millions, regarded one of the best in the world.


Iconic EDM DJ, remixer and producer. Ranked in the Top 5 DJ’s of all time.


EDM super manager, owner of music label PRMD and booking agency At Night Management. Manager of world famous DJ Avicii.

Ash Pournouri

International Superstar. Most-charted female rapper in history

Nicki Minaj

Multi faceted entertainer and creative innovator. 7 time Grammy Award winner. Co-founder of Beats by Dre.


Founding member of music super group ABBA.

Benny Andersson

Renowned DJ and music producer. Founding member of the iconic EDM super group Swedish House Mafia.

Sebastian Ingrosso

Internet investor, singer, songwriter, and guitarist in rock duo Johnossi.

John Engelbert

Manager of mega rock band Coldplay.

Dave Holmes

Former manager of the Notorious BIG (one of the most influential rappers of all time) and president of Urban at RCA.

Wayne Barrow

Manager and business partner of superstar DJ and music producer David Guetta.

Jean Charles Carre

Prominent investor and businessman from the Ukraine.

Yuri Borisov

LA based venture capital firm, led by Marc Aron and Mark Booth (the man who brought MTV to Europe, the former chairman of NetJets).

EWF Capital

Vice Chairman of CMS Group and the CEO of Systime (now KPIT System) a leading global business and technology solutions company.

Vishal Grover


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Head Office:

25 Maskit Street

Second Floor

Herzliya 4673325


Development Office:

1 Glil Yam Street

Kibutz Glil Yam 4690500

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