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Shai Azran


Shai Azran is a co-founder and Partner of Shellanoo Group.
Mr. Azran has been an integral part of Shellanoo Group since its inception in 2014. He is responsible for overseeing overall day-to-day operations and strategy implementation of the group developments. Shai specializes in developing advanced web and mobile applications and brings over 18 years of experience in managing IT products and teams. Prior to joining Shellanoo Group, Shai co-founded Pheed, a pay-per-view mobile technology which in 2014 was acquired for $40 million by Mobli Media a subsidiary owned by América Móvil (NYSE:AMX). Early on in his career, Shai was head of R&D at Dotomi, which was acquired by Value Click in 2011 for $300 million.